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Transform Your Japanese Language Learning Experience Playing a Game

Dialogue changes from English to Japanese as you learn and progress in this comedic RPG backed by professional Japanese voice acting. This is a full introductory Japanese course and adventure all in one. Master hiragana, basic grammar, and over 240 common words used in anime! 

Who should play this game?

Whether you’re completely new to Japanese or already know hiragana and have a year (or two) of study under your belt, this game is for you!  With our focus on casual Japanese used in anime, we cover a host of topics other beginner Japanese courses never touch!

Is this game worthwhile if I already know hiragana?

If you can quickly read and comprehend the following sentences, then you are probably too advanced to benefit much. Otherwise, it should be a fun way to practice and gain additional skills.

でも、それ は ちょっと へん だった
この ちいさい おんどり は だれ だ?
もう この ふね が ひつよう じゃない
ここ は おもしろくない だろ?
また あの うま じゃない か!
もう あぶなくない よ
おれ は おまえ が ほんとう に きらい
まだ おわり じゃねえ!
おまえら は だめ な やつ だ
あいつ の なまえ は なに?
いいえ、だめ な ねこ だ よ!

Why Choose Our Japanese Learning Game?

Key Features of Our Game

picture of lenore
Professional Japanese Voice Acting

Over 4000 lines of dialogue by pro Japanese voice actors

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picture of kai
No experience required

Know zero Japanese? No problem! This game will teach you everything you need to know!

screenshot - hiragana menu
Learn to read hiragana

Hiragana is the Japanese alphabet and this game will give you lots of practice reading it!

screenshot - islanders
Learn 240+ Japanese words

Use the words in conversations and battles!

screenshot - ha particle tutorial
Learn basic Japanese grammar

Understand full sentences!

Game Trailers

How Our Game Helps You Learn Japanese

We believe context, immersion, and fun are key to learning. This game is not just an RPG with flashcard-type battles. It is much more.

Learning through battles

Yes, there is a simple flashcard-type system.  A hiragana appears and you type in the related roumaji (english character) to attack foes. Each hiragana can be leveled up. The higher its level, the less often it will appear in battle.

screenshot - shinrei giant
Type in the related roumaji for hiragana
screenshot - lenore in battle
Type in the English meaning

Mastering Words and Grammar

After learning a new hiragana, you will learn words spelled with that hiragana.  These words will appear in dialogue (most with voice over) and in battle. Each word will expand your vocabulary and strengthen your grasp on the hiragana.

screenshot - oi!
Words will appear in dialogue
screenshot - shinrei battle
Words will appear in battle

Adaptive Dialogue System

The game’s Adaptive Dialogue System will introduce the Japanese words you learn into actual in-game dialogue. This is very powerful!  You will see how words fit together to form sentences and the use of words in various situations.  Additionally, the system will not display sentences in Japanese unless you know all the Japanese words in that sentence. The goal is to gently immerse you in Japanese without overwhelming you.

screenshot - doko iku (japanese)
If you've learned the Japanese words in a sentence, the sentence will appear in hiragana
screenshot - where are we going?
If you haven't learned the Japanese words in a sentence, the sentence will appear in English

Over 50 Interactive Tutorials

Brief tutorials that will teach you word usage, basic grammar, and  a number of Japanese language concepts. However, our emphasis is on learning by doing.

screenshot - example tutorial
Why troll when you can teach something useful?

Additional Features

Gradual Reveal Dialogue

Each line of dialogue is an opportunity to test your reading and comprehension. 

screenshot - doko iku (japanese)
Just the Japanese form appears
screenshot - where are we going (doko iku?)
Press a button and the roumaji appears
Press again and the English appears
Max Japanese Mode

Disables the Adaptive Dialogue System. This shows as much dialogue in Japanese as possible. Great for people who already know hiragana and some Japanese vocabulary.

No Battle Mode

Random battles can be turned off and on at any time during the game. You can also skip non-random battles (boss battles) if you just want to practice Japanese via the dialogue system.

Level Up Controls

You can adjust how many correct answers in it takes in battle for a hiragana or word to level up.

Battle Forgiveness

Make a typo during a battle? Don’t fear! Press a button to undo the mistake and its impact on a hiragana or word’s level.

Reading Mode

By default, voice overs play as soon as a line of dialogue is shown. Switch to Reading Mode so that voice overs only play if you press a button.

About the Game Creator

Why I Created This Game

When I was first learning Japanese, I really wanted a game like this.

My frustration with other Japanese learning games is that while they teach hiragana and words, they rarely (if ever) use these learnings in actual conversations. Almost everything is out of context.  A random character, word, or sentence here or there. On the other hand, trying to learn Japanese by watching anime or reading manga is overwhelming (for a beginner).

My Vision for Japanese Language Learning

I try to strike a balance between these two worlds.  This game strives for “Mild Immersion.”  I want to immerse you in Japanese as much as possible, but only beginner Japanese. I want you to feel confident that any Japanese that comes your way is something you’ve been taught and are capable of understanding at a basic level.

This game also strives for “Small Step Immersion.” I want to immerse you in Japanese one small step at a time. After learning a new hiragana, you will soon learn words spelled with that hiragana and immediately start seeing and hearing those words in dialogue.  Slowly, but surely, your vocabulary and reading ability will grow as the game gently immerses you, more and more. 

No matter your reason for playing this game, I hope it’s a unique and enjoyable experience that enriches your life.

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